I hurriedly unbutton my shirt with clumsy fingers and he skirts around me and eases it off my shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor. Then he reaches around me, hugging me and snuggling up tight against my back. He begins pressing soft kisses to my shoulder blade, as his right hand trails down my torso until he reaches the already-throbbing bulge in my jeans. He caresses it through the thick fabric and I close my eyes and let my head flop back, completely caught up in the moment…until words start tumbling out of his mouth.


Odd words.


“I’ve been waiting for you forever. I’m so glad you’re here, I hate being on my own. But now I’ve got joy in my heart, like the joy of spring after the longest, coldest winter. And the best bit of all is the beautiful summer we have ahead of us.”


I spin around to face him, disturbed by all this nonsense he’s spouting. What gave him the idea I’m staying the summer? I think this kid has been reading too many romance novels. This isn’t a love story. If anything, it’s a road movie. Maybe with some hot sex in it, but it’s still just a road movie. At the risk of scaring him off, I feel compelled to issue a spoiler alert at this juncture. I need to give him a sneak preview of the scene tomorrow morning, when I’m waving him goodbye.


“Look, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I’m not really sure who you think I am or why you brought me here, but I’m only in town for one night. I’m on the bus out of here in the morning and I’m not planning on coming back, so if—”


He presses his index finger to my lips, silencing me, before letting his finger trail south, dragging my bottom lip open. He leans in and lets his mouth take over, gently tugging and worrying my bottom lip with his teeth. Before I know it, our mouths are locked together in a testosterone-fuelled kiss that tells me he’s as needy for sex as I am.


When he finally pulls away he looks up into my eyes. “You don’t have to worry about me,” he tells me softly. “I know what I’m doing. It is what it is.”


“And what is it to you?” I ask straight back.


“It’s hard to explain.” He pauses to think about it. “When we kissed just now, it was like nothing else exists. It’s just you and me inside a bubble. And that’s all there is. There’s no past, no future, just this single moment in time with you and me in it.” He presses his cheek to mine and whispers in my ear. “Make love to me. Do it now, before the bubble bursts.”


Suddenly I feel so unworthy. He deserves better than this, but one night in a cheap hotel is all I have to offer. And after he’s almost pleaded with me…well, how can I refuse?


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