Twists, turns and a surprise ending!

November 9, 2018

Excerpt from HART & SOL:


Sol was hot, sweaty and out of breath, not to mention still lightheaded from hunger. He wouldn’t be able to outrun his pursuer for much longer. Even in this maze of backstreets, the thug was proving harder to shake than a bagful of rats.

He stumbled to the railings at the end of the alley and peered out through the metal uprights at the vast desert wasteland beyond. It stretched as far as the horizon and just looking at the waves of shimmering heat rising up from the sand made Sol gag for water. He turned around at the sound of approaching footsteps and the hair on the back of his neck bristled. He had to make himself scarce. But how?

Squeezing up tight against the last doorway on the left, he tried to make his profile as slim as possible. A feeling of complete helplessness washed over him. He was at the mercy of a thug, about to get raped or beaten, or both. And what then? Would he be silenced? Permanently?



Gay erotic romance. Available in KU.






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