Love is in the air.

June 9, 2017


 Love Hearts are still produced in the same factory on the Upper Peak Forest Canal.


Similar in style to Necco’s Sweethearts (sold in the U.S. as Valentine’s Day candies), Love Hearts are made in the U.K. by Swizzels. They began life inside a Christmas cracker, but later became an everyday sweet with promotional packets being regularly given away with the Beano and Dandy children’s comics.


This type of perfumed sugar sweet has been around for centuries and was known as Kissing Comfits in Shakespeare's day and in the Victorian era as Conversation Lozenges. They would have been exchanged between sweethearts to freshen the breath.


Love Hearts are actually circular with the heart shape and message embossed on top in a trademarked design. In Maelstrom (my new m/m romance), Eden is given one of these sweets as a good luck token by a girl he meets on the train on the way to his audition. The message on Eden’s Love Heart is U Rock.




Swizzels manufacturing facility is an old textile mill on the Upper Peak Forest Canal in Derbyshire – that’s on the Cheshire Ring if you enjoy narrowboating – and the sweet scent of love fills the air as you chug sedately by.



Love is in the air at the New Mills factory.


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