**TOM contains spoilers for X so it is recommended that you read X first, although both books can be read as standalone titles.**

It’s hard trying to pick up the pieces of my life after the trauma I’ve been through. My cheating bastard of an ex wants me back in his bed and he’s using every dirty trick in the book to try to get me there. I’m unsure of myself—hurt, confused, susceptible—and it seems I walk into trouble at every turn.

I’m still haunted by the memories of my beautiful man of mystery, X, who saved my life. Once he was a blessing but now he’s a curse. If you’ve already met the man of your dreams, how can anyone else live up to that? 

Will I ever find the kind of happiness I once shared with X? And if not, how can I summon the courage to face a lifetime of empty tomorrows in a world without love?


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