When you're so deep undercover even YOU don't know who you are...how do you find your way home?

New Hope City on Mars has been Hart’s home for the past two years and since Sol arrived on the planet six months ago, he sees no reason to ever leave. They have an idyllic lifestyle – working together, living together, sleeping together – until the company they work for sends Sol away on a mission.

The aim of the mission is to eradicate the threat known as Havoc, an alien of unknown origin who leaves death and destruction in his wake. He’s currently holed up on the Pleasure Planet of Baluvia, lurking in the shadows, only venturing out when he needs to satisfy his penchant for a pretty young whore called Peter. But then Peter goes missing and with him goes any hope of tracking down Havoc. With Sol’s resemblance to Peter, he’s the obvious choice to go undercover to try to lure Havoc back out, but Havoc has the ability to read minds, so Sol will have to undergo a temporary memory swipe, so even he doesn’t remember who he really is or why he’s there.

With Hart in charge of the Mission Support Team back home on Mars, it’s his job to monitor Sol’s progress and use all the technical means at their disposal to track down Havoc before Sol’s memory returns. But it’s a fine line between giving Sol the time he needs to lure Havoc out into the open and leaving it too late so that Sol gets caught up in Havoc’s plans to destroy Baluvia and everyone on it.

As for Sol, waking up on a strange planet with no idea who he is or how he got there, he unwittingly begins working against his own team, trying desperately to remember who he is so he can find his way back home…where maybe, just maybe, someone is missing him, wondering where he is, waiting to hold him in their arms once more.


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